Waste Management in the Philippines

Garbage and continuous generation of waste is one of the major problems of the Philippine community.  There is plenty of garbage, in fact so much garbage that some agricultural lands are now converted into landfills.  Furthermore, due to inefficient waste management regulations or systems in the country, the spread of pollutions from waste generation has caused various environmental and social problems particularly in highly urbanized areas in the country.

As they say, for every action there is a consequence, and in this scenario the Philippine environment has suffered the most. Many of its wildlife species have been threatened with extinction due to widespread logging and pollution brought by improper waste disposal. Philippines is known to be one of the ten most biologically mega-diverse countries where about 1,100 land vertebrate species can be found including over 100 mammal species and 170 bird species not thought to exist elsewhere. But unfortunately, many of its endangered species are now going extinct due to human activities particularly inefficient waste management.

The good thing is, the breakthrough in waste management has been now introduced to the country through Spectrum Blue Steel Corporation (SBSC), an environmental company with an exclusive license to deploy biosphere process systems or biosphere technology in the Philippines. The concept of this revolutionary biosphere technology is, rather than having to dump the garbage, why not use it to generate energy or electricity?

Biosphere technology is now the new hope for efficient waste management in the country. This technology is a waste to energy system that applies gasification into its process to avoid harmful effects to the environment and human health. It destroys and converts waste materials into green energy in a high temperature and oxygen starved environment thereby limits atmospheric emissions. It addresses both energy and wastes problems. Great technology indeed!

This technology is a promising clean energy and waste management solution in one. If it is developed fully, it could significantly meet the country’s energy needs while mitigating environmental problems caused by waste generation and fossil fuel dependency.


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